Waxing Humorous is a comedy satire collective. We take pieces from comedy writers all over the country, from every kind of background, with any experience, and we publish.

We don’t advertise and we don’t charge. All work is volunteered and free.

Do you want to contribute? You can. In fact, we’ll post your stuff, add you as a contributor, and you get to keep all of the ownership and copyrights to anything you submit. You can take it down any time you want and use it however you want. Because you know what? We think every comedy writer should get their stuff seen.

Just drop me a line at: Jritche1@gmail.com

Head Writer and Editor: Jack Ritchey

Head Writer and Art Director: Ryan Doris


  • Alex Laskey
  • Austin Smith
  • Bari Khan
  • Becky Garrison
  • Bill Bates
  • Christian Lawrence
  • Elise Seyfried
  • Emily Galati
  • Gregg Roberson
  • Hans Kracauer
  • Janet Golden
  • Jim Mourey
  • Keith Kolecki
  • Kevin White
  • Lee Blevins
  • Matt Tucker
  • Marcia Doyle
  • Roz Warren
  • Scott Tremblay
  • Sean Peecook
  • Seth Gersbach
  • Carlos Allende
  • John DiCocco
  • Cheryl Ireland
  • Adam Steininger
  • Corinne Fitamant
  • Jon Fischer

You can’t spell “satire” without “ire”.


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