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No Particular Reason – Episode 6

NPR is back to discuss the border walls, single people, CGI, and Aaron Sorkin. Hot button topics! Issues!



Jack Ritchey & Ryan Doris – 2.14.2019

Contributors: Kevin White, Jim Mourey, Sean Peecook

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NOG HOG! – A No Particular Reason Christmas Special


No Particular Reason takes a break from the headlines to bring you a delightful holiday treat: NOG HOG! Hosts Kevin and Emily take you on a journey through the history of that classic Christmas drink, Eggnog! So, make an appointment with your cardiologist and get ready to gulp down some nog, you hog!

Kevin White, Emily Galati, Ryan Doris & Jack Ritchey – 12.23.2018

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Remember to Vote on November 6th

Well, its that time again. After two years of a truly wild news cycle now is your chance to do something. Go vote, if for no other reason, to reduce all those crazy news alerts that won’t stop popping up on your phone.

Don’t be like this guy, get out and vote!

Research your ballot and find your polling place here.

Ryan Doris, Kevin White, Gregg Roberson & Jack Ritchey – 11.05.2018

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Awkward: Two Porn Performers Discover They Actually Are Step-Siblings

Couple fight

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA – In a scandal that has threatened to rock the very foundation of the sibling-porn industry, two adult performers, Brock Banger and Madison Marbles, learned they are step-siblings while making small talk in between scenes where they were simulating that very thing. “Like, when we were filming, I thought it was kind of hot. But now that it’s for real it’s kind of creepy, right?” Brock told us as he desperately tried to keep his penis erect. Madison had concerns of her own, “If I knew he was really my step-brother I never would have let him spit into my gaping asshole.” At press time production of the film Barely Legal Step Siblings was put on hold while the Assistant Director Googled California state laws to find if Brock and Madison’s scene was in fact illegal.

Kevin Casey White – 4.20.2018

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