Father Unimpressed with College-Graduate Son’s Improv Team


CHICAGO – Watching in horror as his son Devon actually took bows on stage for that, local resident Dale Hershell, 57, reported Thursday that he was seriously unimpressed with his son’s improv team.  “Look, I love my son and I support everything he does, but for fuck’s sake, Devon” said Hershell in between groups, surrounded by other “performers” doing warm-ups. “He graduated DePauw with a business degree.  Did you know that?  He should be a trader by now.  Instead I paid $40,000 a year so he can go up there and act like a fucking giraffe.” Hershell was even less impressed with the venue his son Devon had called a “theater” just two weeks earlier. “What is this, like a burned out church? Why are there stained glass windows in here?” At press time Devon’s hopes were higher than ever, making serious comments about joining MadTV and becoming the next Will Sasso, while his father silently drove back to Barrington, shaking his head and wondering “what if”.

Jack Ritchey – 10.4.2018

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  1. Andy Meholick

    Too real.

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