Area Fascist Starting To Feel Discriminated Against


COLLEGE STATION, TX – Gazing in offense at the comments on his Facebook wall while wearing a confederate flag bandanna, sources have confirmed Tuesday that area fascist and white nationalist Tyler Seabaugh is starting to feel a little sad and discriminated against. “I don’t understand. I only wanna normalize hatred with violent rhetoric and maintain my power through institutionalized racism, and people are kinda being jerks about it,” sputtered a forlorn Seabaugh, adding that it has been months since he has been able to angrily intimidate or suppress another class of citizens without feeling like people are against him. “I should get to live my regular life without threat of physical harm, systemic prejudice, or ignorant bias. Just like a normal, everyday nazi.” As of press time Seabaugh sought to connect with other fascists in his area so they could judge others for their skin color and loathe people based on their beliefs in a spirit of peace.

Jack Ritchey – 2.7.2018

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