An Open Letter To The Guy Who Got Hot At The Craps Table


Dear guy who got hot at the craps table,

Firstly off, I am sorry I never got your name. The dice were flying so high and loose that my manners temporarily evaded me and I did not ask your name. Though in all fairness, you did not ask mine. So maybe we are both to blame here. What could have been if either of us had been polite enough to ask for the other’s name? Who knows! But the one thing I do know is that I probably would not be writing this letter to you. We would be off on the road somewhere together hopping from casino to casino taking those craps tables for everything they got! I know that for sure. I lied earlier when I said “who knows!” a few sentences back. Because I do know. That’s how fairy tales like ours turn out. But then one of us (probably you, because it definitely would not be me) would get greedy and screw everything up. We would be in our Travelodge room and I would be showering before bed. You would go into my pleather wallet with S.M.D. branded on it (my initials, but you would not know that) and take my share of the cash we had stockpiled over the course of several (wild) weeks. Then I would hop out of the shower into a cotton robe and we would start discussing our plans for the next day. Then I would realize I had been robbed by my best friend. We would fight. I would head to the bus station with the small stash of money I had hidden in my unders. But then I would get a phone call right before the Megabus departs. You would say, “I am sorry, friend. Meet me at table 12 at Bucky’s for one final score. Come alone.” We would win big (we always win), then you would turn on me for one last time. As we were walking back to your Dodge Caravan, I would hear a ‘click’ of a gun cocking behind me and I would say “et tu, Brute”. You would not get the reference; you were always the dumber of the two of us. Then I would slowly turn around. We would face off. Stare. Then I would draw my pistol and we would fire simultaneously, each hitting the other in the chest. We would bleed out right there in the Bucky’s Casino parking lot. I can say this confidently as I have seen it 100 times. What a ride.

Anyway, thanks again for your hot roll streak at the craps table. I won $700 and could afford my child support that month (after a hearty beef stew dinner of course). Glad we did not have to kill each other.

Good luck,



Scott Tremblay – 4.5.2018

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