Bill Cosby Demands Fellow Prisoners Clean Up Their Language

Bill Cosby, Norristown, USA - 23 Apr 2018

PENNSYLVANIA – Having reached his limit for indecency, Bill Cosby reportedly announced to a crowded cafeteria at SCI Phoenix that he “wouldn’t listen to anymore of this filth” and retreated to his cell. Kevin Downey, Cosby’s cellmate, told reporters Wednesday that he felt like he couldn’t express himself around America’s dad. “Bill talked the prison staff into getting rid of all of the vulgar books from the prison library. And that really makes me mad because I was thinking of putting Tropic of Cancer in a pillowcase and beating someone with it,” said Downey, adding that he hated feeling inferior to Cosby when making a speech to incite violence. “Bill always says he doesn’t need to use bad language in his material, and I can see him shaking his head when I say curse words to get a shiv fight going.” The fellow prisoner said that it was a shame that Cosby couldn’t get past his use of curse words because he felt like they might actually have a lot in common.

Austin Smith – 1.4.2019

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