LEAKED: Apple Memo Reveals New iPhone 8 Features

Hold the phone. Then take that phone and light it on fire, because Apple is set to unveil their newest iPhone on September 12. And while the exact details of the iPhone 8 remain as mysterious as Angela Lansbury’s whereabouts (she’s dead?), we at WaxingHumorous got our hands on a leaked interoffice memo straight from Apple’s executive offices with, what appear to be, CEO Tim Cook’s personal notes. Just wait till you get a load of these new features…


Wow! Personally, we can’t wait to meet Siri’s new boyfriend! What about you? Did your favorite iPhone feature make the list? What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments and share this little hot potato like the Apple-addicted crack fiends you are.

– Jack Ritchey & Ryan Doris 09.05.2017

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