Dog With People Teeth Wins America’s Got Talent


LOS ANGELES – In a thrilling reveal host Tyra Banks declared the winner of the season 12 finale of America’s Got Talent to be a Dog With People Teeth. He had a strong showing throughout the season but many still considered him a literal underdog. With many close calls Dog With People Teeth only narrowly beat out other awe inspiring acts such as Baby Ventriloquist, Guy Who Stands On A Bunch Of Chairs, Ugly Opera Singer, and 30 Person Dance Troupe.  It wasn’t until, after a particularly stirring performance, that Dog With People Teeth garnered the favor of all the judges. “You know, when we first saw you I thought, no way. No way will a Dog With People Teeth win America’s Got Talent. But today you’ve changed our minds,” proclaimed Judge Howie Mandel before hitting the coveted “Golden Buzzer” and sending Dog With People Teeth directly to the finals in Las Vegas. In the finale last night tensions were high as Dog With People Teeth and his opponent, Some Kid Who Did Something With Cups Real Fast, anxiously waited for Banks to reveal who America chose as the winner. After seventeen solid minutes of suspenseful music and slow camera zooms Banks finally declared Dog With People Teeth the winner. Balloons fell, pyrotechnics erupted and Dog With People Teeth ran off stage, terrified. “You know, I’ve been at this for a long time now, both here and in Britain, and it’s really amazing what this show dredges up. It truly is mind boggling,” said Executive Producer Simon Cowell. Dog With People Teeth walked away with $1,000,000 in prize money and his own show in Atlantic City which will start its run this fall at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. At the time of this writing all scheduled shows have already sold out.

Ryan Doris – 10.10.2017

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